Her journey started with a mobile refillery from her van, delivering cleaning and hygiene products to help Parkites reduce single-use plastics. Within months, Kimberly had a storefront at Outlets Park City. "It was evident that FulFILLed was more than just a store, it was a community, a gathering space for individuals with a shared vision of a more conscious life. I met my business partner, Paige Garrity, there. She was building a sustainable lifestyle brand, and we felt intuitively we were supposed to do something together." The pair are now 50-50 partners. “No going back!” Kimblery laughs. 

"We believe sustainability is a mindset,” Kimberly says. “Every product we have is run through the Environmental Working Group. There are no preservatives, no toxins. If I won’t put it on my baby, I’m not carrying it in the shop,” she firmly states.

Chamber partners Kimberly and Paige offer Parkites a next-step opportunity to reduce waste and live in more conscious harmony with our environment.

“Our tagline is, ‘Come empty, leave FulFILLed.’”