About Us

Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau is a community leader in Summit County, Utah, serving residents, businesses, employees, visitors, our natural environment, and our government and non-profit partners through

  • Convening important community conversations, establishing community networks, advocating for equitable economic prosperity, and collaborating on issues related to our mission.
  • Implementing educational programs for visitors, residents, and businesses that support a vibrant economy, amplify our sustainability efforts, and foster positive interactions.
  • Marketing, promotion, and sales efforts that draw visitation aligned with the Sustainable Tourism Plan and our community values.
  • Collaborating on visitor management efforts that influence visitor behavior, enhance education, and leverage relationships in the community to mitigate tourism impacts.


We serve our mountain community, inspire sustainable travel, drive equitable economic prosperity, and catalyze positive change.


We embrace the world, acting as a global model of community stewardship and authentic experiences.


We believe in:


We foster meaningful relationships in our team and our communities — we put others first in our work.


We are grateful, positive, enthusiastic, and generous — we take great pride in our work and region.


We promote our community and travel, express curiosity, and explore new places and ideas.


We have grit and arrive every day motivated to work hard for progress.


When you think of Park City, do you feel a sense of pride for the community and its accomplishments?…