Legislative Policy

Economic Prosperity & Business Climate

  • Support maintaining a stable and predictable regulatory business environment and tax structure.
  • Support rural economic development incentives that improve effectiveness of existing programs and reduce potential duplications.
  • Support efforts to brand Utah as a favorable environment for tourism, business location, expansion, and job creation, including film and multimedia production.
  • Strengthen Utah’s economy by encouraging collaboration and increased public-private partnerships.
  • Support funding for Utah’s tourism promotion, destination development, and destination management efforts.
  • Advocate for policies that encourage smart economic development and sustainable tourism initiatives.
  • Support Convention and Tourism Assessment Areas (CTAA) as an available tool throughout the state.

Labor & Employment

  • Support targeted workforce development investments including retraining or upskilling workers and adult students to meet increasing workforce demands in economic sectors with identified and growing shortages.
  • Support workforce development partnerships between employers and Utah’s K-12 and higher education system, specifically programs targeted to meet identified workforce shortages.
  • Support data-driven and employer-led policies that close the gender wage gap.
  • Support policies that encourage best practices for mental health issues and suicide prevention in the workforce.
  • Support policies that help address childcare options for Utah’s working families.


  • Support a taxation system that is competitive, fair, consistent, and easily administered that will attract new investments and support Utah jobs.
  • Support of continuous improvement of State Tax Commission policies & procedures to ensure tax collection accuracy, management, and system ease of use by taxpayers.
  • Support continued investment of Transient Room Taxes (TRT) to benefit the visitor economy.
  • Support Short Term Rental (STR) and vacation rentals by owner platform transparency, tax collections and compliance to ensure all remit accurate taxes.
  • Support all lodging properties to be on an equal playing field regarding taxation and auditability.
  • Support state or local alternative revenues sources for outdoor recreation management.


  • Support ongoing funding for public awareness efforts regarding Utah’s housing crisis and the need for positive, smart growth to address our housing shortage.
  • Support workforce development efforts that address Utah’s ongoing construction and trade labor shortage.
  • Support public/private partnerships to address housing diversity and affordability issues.
  • Support local control in land use strategies to allow communities to address affordable housing needs and local transportation investments and make smart use of land that allows residents to live in walkable, rideable, accessible communities.
  • Support local efforts to address short term rental (STR) and vacation rental by owner impacts on local housing inventory and safety.

Community & Arts

  • Support the development and funding of Utah’s recreational assets to ensure preservation and access to meet growing demands by residents and visitors.
  • Support funding for public transit solutions to ski resorts and mountain communities.
  • Support directing state funds for recreational assets, and to establish and promote Utah tourism products and assets where there is capacity for growth, including state parks, winter sports, cultural assets, and attractions.
  • Support arts & culture assets, programming, events, and the advancement of policy, planning, practice, and quality use of arts and creativity as tools for a healthy, diverse community.
  • Raise visibility, understanding and support of filming as a form of economic development.


  • Support infrastructure projects that maximize job creation and investment in Utah’s interstate system.
  • Support statewide and regional transportation solutions to address funding challenges.
  • Support funding of transportation improvements to S.R. 224/Kimball Junction and S.R. 248.
  • Advocate for legislation, regulation and policies that recognize the electric power grid and other natural resources and utility infrastructure delivery systems as assets requiring consistent maintenance, improvement, and support. A stronger electric power grid is necessary for increases in electric vehicle usage.
  • Support policies to protect Utah’s supply chain and transportation methods that ensure access to needed supplies and products.
  • Support transportation policies and plans that support a high-quality of life by promoting good health, better mobility, a strong economy, and connected communities.
  • Support policies that encourage innovation and increase transportation methods, access, and options.
  • Support programs that provide technical assistance to local communities as they plan for growth, specifically the connection between transportation, land use, and transit- oriented development.
  • Support High Valley Transit’s efforts to develop regional transportation infrastructure
  • Support funding of state and regional trails connectivity and active transportation.

Regulatory Affairs

  • Maintain a competitive regulatory environment that provides timeliness and certainty for businesses without unduly burdensome regulations on business owners.
  • Support legislation that protects businesses from frivolous lawsuits.
  • Support Utah’s national image through sound legislation including modernizing policies to recognize Utah’s diverse communities and population.
  • Support licensee-pricing for Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services (DABS) products.
  • Support 18–20-year-old restaurant servers.
  • Support flexibility with alcohol portability in licensed venues.
  • Encourage flexibility and increasing the number of special single event permits per venue.
  • Support re-allocation of the percentage split for food sales (70%) vs alcohol sales (30%) to address rising costs, competitive advantage and changing clientele.
  • Support increased quotas/formulas for restaurant, bar and banquet licenses – due to rapid Utah growth.
  • Support DABS’ ability to allow exceptions to statutory proximity limitations.
  • Support simplification and streamlining of the banquet license to improve permitting.


  • Advocate for investments to support public and higher education programs to ensure Utah has a qualified workforce.
  • Support funding and policies that ensure students and job creators have robust career and workforce pipeline options.
  • Support improving the K-12 education of Utah students by recruiting and retaining qualified educators.
  • Support efforts to ensure students have inclusive access to educational opportunities in public and post-secondary education.
  • Support improving access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Health Care

  • Support public policy efforts that will provide businesses the necessary protections they need to stay safe and contribute to a vibrant Utah economy.
    • Support reforms that lower unsustainable costs, foster innovation, and enhance the private market.
    • Support improved price transparency to better inform businesses and families about their health care costs.
    • Support policies that make access to behavioral health care service simpler and more affordable, reduce provider shortage, and prevent suicides in our state.
    • Support adoption of telehealth policies that lower health care costs and make access to care more convenient.

Equality & Inclusion In Opportunity

  • Support employer-led policies to remove discriminatory hiring and employment practices and create greater equality in hiring and advancement.
  • Support policies and funding allocations to the advancement of goals of the Utah Compact on Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.


  • Support City and County efforts to achieve North America’s most ambitious climate goals: to be net-zero carbon community-wide by 2030 and to achieve net 100% renewable electrical energy by 2030.
  • Support increased investment in transit and active transportation infrastructure and service, to increase ridership and reduce emissions from single-occupancy vehicle miles traveled.
  • Support data-driven legislative efforts and private partnerships to improve air quality.
  • Support legislative policies to implement the goals of the Utah Climate and Clean Air Compact.
  • Support polices to protect the Great Salt Lake.
  • Support water rights law stability, predictability and incentives for water rights holders to achieve greater water efficiency.


  • Support advancements in water technology and infrastructure to improve efficiency of use and conservation.
  • Support water policies that focus on state-wide, long-term plans that incorporate stakeholder input and support.
  • Support educating the public on water conservation as Utah is the second driest state in the nation.

Wildfire Prevention & Suppression

  • Support funding and polices for forestry management to mitigate impact of wildfire.
  • Support funding, resources and policy to address wildfire suppression as a key component of combating climate change and to minimize the health, environmental and economic consequences of prolonged wildfire smoke.
  • Support ability to obtain fire insurance.


  • Support investment in the continued development of key energy infrastructure, including electricity transmission.
  • Support investment in Utah’s network of electrical charging stations to increase range capability of electric vehicles.
  • Support incentives for increased renewable energy investment.
  • Support passage of federal market-based carbon fee and dividend legislation.
  • Support incentives for small residential and small business energy efficiency and energy storage.


  • Support comprehensive federal immigration reform that encourages economic growth.
  • Support immigration laws that comply with the principles of the Utah Compact and promote the education, availability, and expertise of our workforce.
  • Support policies that encourage international worker visa protections to assist with the labor shortage.

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