What Our Partners Are Saying

The Park City Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Bureau has over 1000 partners representing people and businesses throughout Summit County, Utah and beyond! We strive to work with our partners to promote stewardship, sustainability and a healthy economy. We couldn’t do it without them! Below we’ve curated a few examples of how working together helps our community grow—fostering further collaboration, sustainable growth, .and a healthy economy for all.

Our Chamber of Commerce bridges the gap for small businesses like mine, offering vital market data and marketing insights. With a focus on tourism, sustainability, and business integrity, the Chamber’s leadership drives community value by fostering collaboration and growth while upholding ethical standards.”
Rob Sergent, Owner, Alpine Distilling

“As a member of the Park City Chamber, we have the privilege of connecting with our peers in the hospitality industry to provide our visitors the best possible experience, encouraging them to return time and time again.  This membership is not only a crucial part of our success as a local Park City business, but it allows us to foster our local relationships, advocate for our partners, and be advocated for in return.” - Chelsea Steinbach, RMC Park City

“Thank you! I’ve been so impressed with the new found energy of the Chamber. It’s really nice. We are about 500ish square feet we have revitalized the small coffee window in the hall and Fixed up the kitchen. It’s so nice and hope to have new patio furniture here soon. I should know more in the next few days on scheduling and Thank you sooo much for your support it will really help us start to get more traffic. (There are also two ballrooms we have access to if you ever need an event space).”  - Shelley Marshall, Owner, Park City Desserts

As a long time chamber member, we love being well connected with the business community. From the occupancy reports to networking with other locals, the value is easy to see. With the Chamber’s focus on sustainability and the much-needed advocacy for our business community, we are looking forward to the future of tourism in Park City and continuing to support the Chamber’s mission.
Spencer Byrne, Owner, All Seasons Adventures