Current Job Openings

When you think of Park City, do you feel a sense of pride for the community and its accomplishments? You may be a natural fit for our organization. The Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau embraces the world, acting as a global model of community stewardship and authentic experiences. We serve our mountain community, inspire sustainable travel, drive equitable economic prosperity, and catalyze positive change.

We believe in:

  • SERVICE - fostering meaningful relationships in our team and our communities.
  • JOY - we are grateful, positive, enthusiastic, and generous and we take great pride in our work and our region.
  • EXPLORATION - promoting our community and travel, expressing curiosity, and exploring new places and ideas.
  • ELEVATION - we have grit and arrive every day motivated to work hard for progress.

Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau is a community leader in Summit County, Utah, serving residents, businesses, employees, visitors, our natural environment, and our government and non-profit partners. If our organization matches your own values and ambitions, we would love to hear from you.