She gravitated to Park City after listening to snowboarding friends in Colorado. "I intended to be a winter ski bum," she smiles. "But that Utah saying, 'You come for the winters and stay for summers,' is true for me."

For Monet, opening her business in Park City was a natural evolution. 'It was never a question; I just had to find a place to set down roots,' she asserts. "Once I knew Park City was the place for me, I took the leap." Her workday is a labor she loves. "You could say I am obsessed!" she laughs. Creating "live structural art" from hotel lobbies to private parties, she finds, "Florals bring so much joy everywhere they go, and I love watching the vision come to life."

"This town runs on small business," Monet observes of her first year of ownership. "Everyone helps each other. People understand that we are all in a place we love and doing our thing." 

That classic, supportive Park City vibe makes our town the perfect place for Chamber partner Monet Jones and her floral art to thrive.