Now it’s time for dog-approved fun! Tire out your pup amongst all the wide-open spaces that our town has to offer. Park City has an abundance of dog parks, hiking trails, and natural spaces for your best bud to run free and enjoy well being a dog!

There's lots of fun to be had in Bark City, however; remember the proper etiquette of being a responsible dog owner and visitor:

  • Dogs must be leashed at trailheads and in parking lots, and all other areas that are not designated as off-leash areas or dog parks.
  • Bring doggie poop bags to pick up your dog's mess and keep the environment clean.
  • Make sure that you and your dog yield to other trail users.

Park City is the spot where dogs and their humans can both live their best lives! I can’t wait to see you and your pup out and about enjoying all that our mountain town has to offer. And, if you come across an adventurous Golden Retriever pup by the name of Dr. Indian Jones give him a scratch behind the ear and some peanut butter, and he’ll be your best friend for life!



Located next to Park City Hospital just a few minutes from downtown Park City. With a sizable fenced-in location and the trails of Round Valley nearby, this is a win-win for the owner who wants to jog with their dog and then take Fido over to meet some furry friends.


Trailside Park has two separate sides that accommodate small and large dogs. Both have sodded and natural surfaces for the hounds to run and play. Benches and shade shelters are provided for the owners to relax while the dogs enjoy the park. At Trailside, there is also a 1-mile off-leash trail where your dog can run free but make sure to pay attention to the signs identifying areas where dogs must be on a leash.


The Woods at Parley's Lane provides a small, yet beautiful spot for your pet to play off-leash. This half-acre dog area has training/exercise features to keep your four-legged friend fit and healthy. While your pet burns some calories, you can rest on the benches provided. The Woods Trailhead also provides options to extend your time with your pet walking along a local trail!


Willow Creek Park is an enclosed 2.4-acre fenced area with grass and a large dog-friendly pond. The pond features both a zero-entry point on the east bank and a floating dock for the most adventurous dogs. Inside the dog park, you will also find a 1/3-mile soft surface trail and a 24,000-square-feet area of "fetch" space. The dog park features an agility course for your furry best friends and 3 small shade shelters for owners to enjoy while keeping an eye on the pups. Indy loves swimming at the Willow Creek Pond, but he hasn’t quite figured out how to jump off the dock.


This is Indy’s go-to spot! He loves running a muk and socializing with other dogs along the trails of this massive doggy playground. You too can get your exercise in with your pup at this hiking dog park. Located below the Olympic Park (and up the street from Hugo) this off-leash dog area contains 43 acres of open space and 2 miles of trail for you and your pup to run free. The trail wanders through aspen groves and open shrublands with great views of the surrounding hills and ski jumps at the Utah Olympic Park. There is a creek that runs through the area, but make sure to bring water in case it's dry as there’s not a lot of shade! Leash required in the parking lot.



Your pup has free range of this open field next to the Park City Library. This is a local favorite spot near Main Street Park City, that isn’t exactly a dog park, as it is not fenced in, but is perfect for pups to meet and greet each other and have some fun running around.


Round Valley is the perfect place to hike, run or bike with your dog. This pup paradise offers over 30 miles of trail where dogs can roam off-leash. The trails are also open during the winter, so you can bring fido nordic skiing, snowshoeing, or even fat biking. During busy times, it is best to stay on the main double-track trails to avoid bike-dog collisions. Leashes are required at trailhead/parking areas, and make sure to bring water, especially in the summer as there is minimal shade.