Big Shot PhotoIf you think a photo booth is that box in the mall with the curtain, Kim Eastman Deiming wants you to know you’re just a little out of date.

The owner of Big Shot Photo brings onsite studio lighting, online galleries, graphics, and even digital props as her team travels to your event, providing unique, memorable photos. Sundance, Amazon Prime, Budweiser, and the University of Utah are just a few corporations who love what Kim brings to the party. “We‘ve covered more than 800 events since I started in 2013,” she says.

She’s come a long way from 1998, when she arrived in from California as a stay-at-home mom, 10 years after her dad moved the family here. “It was my husband, infant daughter and me,” she recalls. “We couldn’t wait to live in the mountains again!”

Another daughter soon arrived, and once the kids were old enough Kim embraced her passion for photography. “I started with a franchise photo booth in 2013,” she recalls. After five years, she felt ready to strike out on her own and Big Shot Photo was born.

“We meet so many wonderful people,” she enthuses. “I recently received a message from a wedding client who wrote, ‘My grandfather passed away this morning. The pictures of him having a blast with his grandkids are precious to me and I am so glad you captured the magic.’”

Kim calls Park City “the best place in Utah” for a business focusing on the celebration. “Our town is like a living stage, ready for events year-round and I love bringing so much joy,” she says. “Working in a town I love with people I love is icing on the cake.”

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