Lucky for us. 

A civic institution today, Chesley Electric founded Running with Ed, raising hundreds of thousands annually for the Park City Education Foundation, where Tim is president. The company also backs Park City Youth Football, and Chesley Electric volunteers pitch in at the Egyptian Theater, Park City Museum, Speedy Foundation, America's Opener, and Wasatch Lacrosse (follow your nose to the Chesley BBQ smoker at organization events).

Continuity is part of the Chesley formula; Tim has worked alongside colleagues Jason Miller and Mark McGuinness for decades. "I met Jason at spring break in Mexico 35 years ago, and he moved with me to start the business," Tim recalls. "We met Mark shortly after; he was the drummer in a band we liked."

"From the beginning, we felt it was important (to give back). It's what makes Park City special,” Tim says. “I love my partners and employees. I have the greatest crew of all time."

No matter the demands of business and community, the outdoors and family are always core values. "I love hanging out with my amazing wife, my 19- and 20-year-old kids, golfing, deep-sea fishing, running, and cycling," he says.

We're fortunate Park City’s charm captured Tim in the 90s. Today, his enthusiastic leadership continues to enhance our economy – and community.