From Ogden, Melissa's youthful travels led her back to Utah, "where I always worked in the same restaurant, Berconi’s," she laughs. Her manager pegged her as a “Park City person, so I moved here and never left!" Sandy arrived as a marketer working the 2002 Olympics. "I was supposed to return to Detroit but couldn't imagine living anywhere but here," she recalls. In far-off Oahu, the Games also fired Sara's imagination. "I'm drawn to places that are being shaped, and this place, this story, grabbed me," she says.

Running a brokerage at The Chateaux Deer Valley, busy Sara was chairing the PC Board of Realtors and serving on the Ski Utah Board. "I needed a partner!" she recalls. "Melissa was a standout, representing home builders and developers" and serving as Chair of the PC Planning Commission. As the business grew, the pair were thrilled to welcome Sandy. "She has an incredible pedigree" in real estate and the community, Sara says, serving as ED of the Historic Main Street Business Alliance and working with animal rescue groups. The Dream Team was born.

While growing their business and community impact, the team never forgets it was family and Park City that brought them together “We are committed to the community,” Sara says. “I love watching people fall in love with this place.”  

“And learn to avoid 224 northbound between 3-5 p.m.!” Sandy adds.

“Our kids were lucky, too,” Sara concludes. “Growing up in PC is a true privilege.”

Melissa concurs. “Park City has provided a wonderful life for my family. It is my duty to give back.”