where else? -  Main Street.  Challenging puzzles, such as escaping from a mine collapse and solving a murder mystery– take place in realistic sets designed by the couple. “I’m creative and Dirk has the engineering brain,” she laughs.

She and Dirk met on the mountain when Shirin was teaching snowboarding, and “our fate was sealed,” she recalls. They raised two children here who recently graduated from high school and college “We’re moving into the empty nest stage,” she observes.

Not that she’s slowing down. “I’m like shark in the water, I have to keep moving to breathe,” she laughs. One way they do both is with their new-found love for pickleball. “We’re having a great time meeting amazing people who are so fun and engaging.”

At the end of the day, though, Shirin’s thoughts return to Main Street. “I just love its historic nature,” she says. “While our city is changing rapidly, we have kept Main Street from becoming Anywhere, USA. We should all be proud of that.”

And with Shirin keeping things lively and local, Main Street will always remain unique – defining the Park City vibe!