Planning to retire to Park City in 2015, Renai was soon back in the newsroom, becoming GM of KPCW in 2017, a place she compares to a "community campfire, where everyone gathers to find out what's happening."

Befitting her news background, Renai stays curious and adventurous – from coast to coast. "My husband's family has a New Hampshire camp for kids, and when the adjacent tree farm became available, he pounced on it," Renai recalls. "Now, I'm a tree farmer!"

"We surprised ourselves again last year by buying a boat in Seattle," she says. "We said, 'Life is short. let's do it!' We just finished a 'Weekend Navigator' class."

Of her unquenchable passion for her work, Renai says, "You learn something every day in a newsroom. I love meeting with reporters and engaging with donors."

"Our community cares," she observes of her adopted home. "People here like being informed. They like finding solutions. It is also an incredibly generous place."

"But the best part is that almost everyone is from somewhere else; we have chosen to live here," she says. "That love of place makes Park City a wonderful - and easy - community to belong to."