A pivotal moment arrived when she adopted her daughter from overseas. "Her courage and the good she sees in all people motivated me to start Maker Union," she states.  With Anne's design background guiding development of customized gift boxes of high-quality local items, Parkites responded immediately when Maker Union opened in 2021. "Within three months, we were assembling and shipping 300 gift boxes across the US, Australia and the UK," she says. "Our community is amazingly generous, and it seems everyone desires to support our mission."


A demanding schedule running her own creative agency and serving on the PC School District board makes Anne treasure her time with Maker Union volunteers and employees. "Everyone is happy and kind," she enthuses. "It is impossible to have a bad day here." 


A born organizer, Anne coordinates with NAC, Special Olympics, Bridge 21, Lucky Ones and the school district's post-high school Transition Program to foster a greater inclusion and opportunity for adults with disabilities. In rare time off, she unwinds with horseback riding and yoga, "plus hiking, skiing, cycling," she adds. "My daughter loves doing all this with me, too."


The Maker Union orange slice logo she designed gives a glimpse into Anne's energy and optimism. "The orange slice refers to how segments come together to create a whole, and it represents a smile," she says (with a smile, of course).