Mountain Trails Foundation Executive Director, Lora Smith

As Mountain Trails Foundation Executive Director Lora Smith’s rattles off what she does for fun, you can almost see outdoor lovers nodding their heads. “Trail run, mountain bike, Nordic ski, backcountry ski, camp, rock climb,” she says, before adding, “also hanging out with my kids and partner, Graham. Oh, I enjoy writing too. “

Lora arrived in Park City 22 years ago from California with a 4-year-old, 2-year-old and 6-month-old twins. “Within one week, I was adopted into the neighborhood mom network. I think they felt sorry for me or thought I was crazy, which I was,” she laughs. “Who wouldn’t be with four kids four and younger?”

While working as a local outdoor guide, legendary MTF founding member Charlie Sturgis encouraged her to apply at Mountain Trails. “Even before I met Charlie, I told a friend that someday I wanted to be the director of Mountain Trails,” Lora recalls, “I never forgot the feeling of those words rolling off my tongue. So when I started here, it was like finding a home.”  

In the nine years that followed, “I worked hard and got educated in leadership and nonprofit management,” Lora says. She succeeded Charlie as MTF Director in 2021.

“The trails system provides exercise, socializing, mental well-being and connection to nature. It is central to Park City,” Lora says. “But what I like most about my work is the people. There is immense generosity here. People are amazingly giving and kind, from the MTF crew to donors to stakeholders. It gives me confidence in humanity,” she adds with a smile.

Lora and MTF give us confidence that our precious trails are in the best of hands.  Learn more about how you can help this amazing nonprofit at