Earl Foote“I have built many meaningful relationships in Park City,” says Earl Foote, CEO of Nexus IT Consultants. “Having a positive impact on those in my circle and community is the greatest joy of my professional life.”

Earl’s mastery of the information technology world is just the beginning of his passion for life. He is also a busy dad, a meditation and yoga practitioner, a civil engineer, and a bass thumper for the local rock band 90 Proof.  “And I live on a property where deer and moose bed down and that connects to the Basin Recreation trail system.”

“It’s as good as it gets!” he smiles.

Nexus ITC offers comprehensive IT support from computer repair to cloud services, a business he and his brother started in their native Salt Lake Valley. “But I always wanted to live in the mountains,” he recalls. “I relocated the business to Park City in the early 2000s.”

Earl’s passion for community blends perfectly with the PC lifestyle. The company contributes IT services to 3 or 4 nonprofits per year and supports various causes as a sponsor.

“Parkites love being supportive,” Earl says. “We come out in droves. We support each other in crisis when called upon or whenever we see the need.”

Somehow, Earl still finds time for 90 Proof. “We are a bunch of tech execs,” he says. “We have a ton of fun with Alt Rock and Grunge, plus some Stones, Beatles, Floyd – the classics!”

“But what I enjoy most is interacting with and leading the extraordinary people I meet and work with.” Be sure to keep NEXUS ITC top of mind for your IT needs. Who knows? You can probably also get your requests played at the next 90 Proof gig!