Conor has always been drawn to mountain life, growing up on the ski slopes of Vermont and living in Tahoe and Montana. Since 2006, when his ski rep job transferred him, Park City has held him like magnets hold steel. "I've been here ever since," he smiles.

While he revels in the excitement of growing Offset Bier, Conor finds building community "the most rewarding part of the job. I see people making new connections and friendships at our Wednesday night Run Club and Thursday Uphill Ski Club. Their heartfelt thanks and comments mean more to me than they know." He loves backing nonprofits, too, raising money for Live Like Sam and hosting fundraisers onsite. "We're hosting four Biergartens in City Park this summer with a portion of proceeds going to nonprofits," he adds.

Long-distance running clears Conor’s mind ("I'm running the Triple Trail Challenge this summer.”) and helps him plan Offset’s exciting future. He is already looking to expand to a space "where we can increase production and stretch our legs," he says. "I want to pay employees better and continue to innovate; a slightly bigger brewery will help do that. If you know of any brewery-suitable commercial property, please let me know!”