Gaining her business degree in Colorado, "the Wasatch Mountains never stopped tugging at my heart," she says.

She and her husband Dave began building the Kearns location in 2000, Suzanne driving a limo at night to meet expenses. They opened in February 2002, "two weeks before the Olympics changed Park City forever," she says. "It catapulted every business in town."

"The reaction our clients have seeing their home for the first time makes me push to be better," Suzanne believes. "The ultimate compliment is being asked to do a second or even sixth project."

A genuine mountain couple, Suzanne and David savor the outdoors, their animals, and the wild blue yonder. "We love the adventure of flying small planes, even with our dogs. Roscoe has been in 42 states!" she laughs. "We are avid skiers and snowmobilers, too."

"Our nephew Chantz works with us, and we hope he will take over one day," Suzanne says of family and future. "He is a bright light for the next generation of Park City business owners."

After decades in business, Suzanne still finds Park City endlessly inspiring. "Our mountains attract people who live life to the fullest," she observes. "That energy ignites a flame and makes me want to conquer another day, every day!"