years ago have the same passion and are very happy to be here.” Newer people, he says, “are building the future. They move at a quicker pace but are just as passionate.”

With eight children between the two families (“I have three kids and Cody has five,” Greg smiles), moving at a quicker pace is something both dads know well. “Most of the time we are shuttling the kids to sports and family events,” Greg says.

When not designing and fabricating, “you will find us in the mountains, skiing, biking, hiking or camping. We are woven into the landscape we live in. I can’t think of a better place to be.”

Moving from the chilly flatlands of Rochester NY to the brilliant snows of the Utah mountains 25 years ago, “I feel the next ten years will fly by, and we are excited for the future of Park City,” Greg says.

We take that comment as a sign this busy pair will be here for many years to come, helping define the look and feel of PC with their tasteful, creative work.