Revice Jordan of POSH posing in front of a mountainous backdropFrom struggling as a homeless veteran to celebrating five years of business success, Revice Jordan’s life has many milestones. “The US Navy was the turning point,” the owner of POSH Management Group says. A North Carolinian, Revice says being a Military Police Officer taught him discipline, discretion, diplomacy, judgment, and restraint. “In my youth, I remember officers abusing their power, so I was pleased to do the right thing with my authority.”

Service-related health issues brought a premature end to his promising military career. Coming to Ogden to be close to his young son, Revice was soon out of options. “The VA put me in a homeless shelter until I could get back on my feet,” he recalls of his most challenging times.

Revice knew of Park City as “this incredible place,” he says. “Then I saw how people from all over the world seem to connect here. I decided Park City was where I would make something of myself.”

Today, POSH thrives, offering concierge and management services such as groceries, gift purchases, banking, dry cleaning, airport transportation, dining, event tickets, and even notarization. 

Revice is currently celebrating a new milestone: his election to the Park City Chamber & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors. “Now I have the opportunity to help my community understand how it feels to be included,” he says, adding, “Park City is the first place I feel able to call my home.”

Revice treasures “spending time with my son, my girlfriend and her kids, riding my motorcycle or hanging out with the close friends I am proud to call my Park City family,” he smiles.

“Park City helped me understand how to take care of your body by being active, working out and eating right,” he says. “It’s also where people from everywhere create magic. I’m excited to be a part of that.”

And we’re excited Revice and POSH are part of Park City! Find out how their service can support your busy life and the needs of your visiting friends at