Steven came to PC in the 90s, “living in Prospector and raising two kids with my wife, a 23-year Deer Valley employee,” he says. Partner Rudy Lehfeldt-Ehinger is an Indianan whose PC roots go back to childhood ski trips. “Michael is a successful commercial photographer from Salt Lake,” Steven says of Michael Kunde. “We all knew each other from local productions and spent a lot of time together during COVID,” he recalls. “That is when we came up with the distillery idea.”

The three share an irreverent approach, naming their rum “Loose Lips Sink Ships” and their gin “No Rest for the Wicked.” They will label their forthcoming aged rum product “Patience is a Virtue.” Steven describes the trio as “the life of the party and your partners in crime.”

Not to mention adventurous companions. “We’re the friends who are down for whatever,” Steven says, discussing Rudy’s current whereabouts in the Sandwich Islands off Antarctica and his summer sailing the Northwest Passage.

The partners give back, too. “We are committed to a Kimball Arts fundraiser, and we’ll be at ‘Gin and Phonics’ to benefit PC Reads,” Steven says.

Stop in at Proverbial Spirits Thursday thru Saturday from 11-6 at 4175 Forestdale Drive, Unit 102, for a good laugh and a great product. “We will elevate your palette and share recipes so that you walk out the door with more than just a bottle,” Steven smiles.