Rebekah AbramsIf Rebekah Abrams were a cat, she’d be about halfway through her nine lives. “I was a pro skier for ten years,” the owner of Rebekah’s Kitchen muses. “I did marketing campaigns for ski clothing, and I sold handmade jewelry around the world.”

Those adventures followed her environmental education at St Lawrence University. “I was studying trash!” she exclaims. Soon she discovered Utah’s ski country before dashing off to San Francisco as a personal chef. After that, Rebekah says, “I wanted a community, and Park City was it.”  

That was in 2002. “Old Town was affordable, and I knew half the people in every Main Street bar. There was always a job and a place to live,” she remembers. “I skied every day - a ski bum dream!”

“Oh, and I met a boy,” she smiles. “And I married him.”

Rebekah’s happy trails converged back in the kitchen, where a childhood cooking with two loving grandparents “shaped me as a chef,” she says. “But my biggest influence is Jodie Rogers, who was Exec Chef at Deer Valley,” she recalls of honing her art in PC venues. “She has always been there with advice and inspiration.”

Today, Rebekah and her three chefs prepare weekly menus of home-delivered meals and personal chef services. “It gives me joy to go on-site to cook and feed people,” she says. It is especially satisfying that so many clients share her environmental commitment. “We use glass containers that clients clean, and we swap them out with the next week’s meals,” she avers. “Single-use packaging crushes my soul!”

Rebekah’s many interests take her well out of the kitchen, too. “Skiing, fly fishing, bird hunting, my husband and I also get out camping,” she enthuses. “I love to travel with my mom. Vietnam is next.” 

We say, “You go, Rebekah!”  Still plenty of lives left!