Adam grew up skiing in Vermont, and after graduating from The Ohio State University in 2003, "I was hell-bent on getting out of the flat Midwest," he laughs. "I came out here just for a season to ski and get my head on straight," but stayed for "the friends I made, the outdoors, the proximity to a metro area, the list goes on!"

Today, he and his wife Jennifer are raising Noah, a busy 6th grader. “I am elbow-deep with dad duties and the Park City Soccer Club," Adam smiles. "I feel so fortunate to be able to watch him discover this place.” The family enjoys seeing the world, too. "My wife is a flight attendant for Delta, and we use her benefits to the fullest!" he adds.

Recently elected to the Chamber Board, Adam's deep sense of place is a primary motivator. "We need to be good stewards to navigate the waters of increased tourism. I feel I am doing my part to ensure Park City remains special for us and the next generation."