“I love to talk about skiing,” Brian says of his passion for his work. “But I really love to listen; my goal is to listen twice as much as I speak. Listening to customer stories and feedback while helping them get better - I just love it,” he smiles. “And being my own boss, too!”

“I have motion capturing technology with Biomoto that allows me to create custom insoles for every kind of athletic shoe, so I can help people go from everyday athlete to competitive performer,” Brian enthuses. “I enjoy helping skiers, runners, golfers, anyone whose footwear is part of their sport.”

Brian and his spouse Stephanie met in Utah and “love living this mountain lifestyle together with all it offers. I am a skier, mountain biker, and road biker,” he says. The crash of ocean waves also occasionally calls. “I have been surfing for 25 years!” he laughs.

“But hearing about those perfect turns after doing someone’s boots – that’s the best!” he says.

We suggest you point your feet toward Ski Shoe on Prospector today and let Brian’s energy, expertise, and sheer joy give you a leg up in your sport.