Olympic momentum led to a four-year stint as Park City’s Economic Development Director and, in 2006, a chance to run the Olympic Legacy Foundation. “I’m passionate about seeing all ages and ability levels benefitting from these facilities,” he says. “Unlike most (post-Olympic venues), we run them ourselves, employ the coaches and run the programs.”

Away from the office, “a family with three teenage boys keeps me on my toes,” Colin smiles. “We love skiing and mountain biking. Exercising two active dogs in Round Valley keeps me connected to these amazing mountains.”

Colin says valuable life lessons are at the heart of his mission to help people enjoy an active lifestyle. “Our programs are about setting goals, building confidence, and having fun with friends. We deliver a “living legacy” of Olympic venues that are four times busier today than just after the 2002 Games.”

We think you could say the same about Colin, a dedicated keeper of Park City’s Olympic flame.