As a Utah single mom teaching Breathwork in the late ’80s, Sueanne reconnected with horses as a trainer with AZ Richards, Utah’s first Pasos Finos breeder. His family planned to sell his horses upon his retirement, “and I couldn’t let that happen,” Sueanne recalls. She borrowed enough to buy seven, “all siblings I had raised from foals,” and started Wind in Your Hair in 1997. “I cried myself to sleep as a little girl because my parents wouldn’t buy me a horse. It took forty-seven years for God to answer my prayers,” she chuckles. Today, her herd of ten has their own “Meet the Horses” section on

“I’ve been teaching for 33 years, from being safe and in control with horses to speaking their language” she smiles. Sueanne offers beginner horsemanship lessons but takes only experienced riders on the miles of Wind in Your Hair trails. “My horses are gaited, incredibly smooth, and fun to ride,” she says.

It is no surprise that Sueanne’s unique riding experience is in great demand, so “book as far in advance as possible!” she smiles.