Trip and Jennifer met at the Mercer College of Pharmacy in Atlanta, Jennifer hailing from St. Louis and Trip from South Carolina. When mountain living called, "we narrowed it to Salt Lake, Denver, and Washington," Jennifer remembers. "I landed my first choice -  the Salt Lake VA Medical Center." Trip followed, working in a compound pharmacy and eventually serving as vice chair of the Utah Board of Pharmacy and on the National Association of Pharmacy Boards. The pair acquired Alpine Apothecary in 2018.

"Owning our business is wonderful," Jennifer says. "We can decide what's important to us and how that affects our patients, employees, and the community. I love Park City because patients advocate for themselves," she adds. "And we love helping bring wellness to residents who enjoy exercise and health."

Their three children were raised in that spirit, too. "They realize they are lucky to live where there is so much to do," Jennifer smiles. "I can't imagine another place with so many adventures."

With the Winter Games on the horizon, Trip and Jennifer are once again marveling at the Olympian coincidence threading through their lives. "Our first date was to the Atlanta Olympics in '96, and we were living in Salt Lake in 2002," she smiles. For their third Olympiad together, though, their view from Alpine Apothecary will definitely be better.