She and her husband Scott discovered PC as skiers and came to stay in 2010. "We embrace the lifestyle - mountain bike, skiing, concerts, dining, and we love the weather," she enthuses. "Izzy was born in 2011 right here at Intermountain Hospital."

Always looking for new horizons, Andrea did her first Spartan race in Snowbasin in 2019. "I puked four times, but I finished" she laughs. "I did my first sprint triathlon at Women of Steel. I had to learn to swim in 3 weeks."

Today, the family embraces travel ("Izzy had her passport at four months"), new cultures, and exotic cuisine. But Andrea always takes her Wi-Fi booster on family RV excursions "so clients can reach me," she says. "My job is part of my life;  I look for lasting relationships."

"I love doing things with Izzy," Andrea says of family time. "She is my favorite person. And we love Cosmo, our young Golden Retriever."

Andrea’s self-description encompasses “respect, integrity, loyalty, and empathy,” she avers. "And I don't tolerate hateful behavior. I am protective of the underdog.”

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