Katy HeddensFinding a local business with a more significant youth impact than Black Diamond Gymnastics and Sports Center may be impossible. Katy Heddens and her staff serve 2,500 students a week at their three locations, from preschoolers to young adults, and they love doing it. “We are passionate about fun with a purpose,” she says.

“I didn’t start gymnastics myself until I was 13,” she recalls. Katy competed in college while earning a degree in Health and PE with specializations in adaptive physical education, child development and even sports psychology at the University of Virginia.

She and her husband Rich followed when Rich’s parents moved here 26 years ago. “We felt at home right away,” she remembers. Katy opened Black Diamond in 1999, benefitting thousands of families while expanding her coaching reputation internationally. Today, Black Diamond produces dance, martial arts, gymnastics, cheer camps, yoga, indoor rock climbing and even after-school enrichment, academic preschools and language programs.

Her emphasis on youth and family extends to her staff of mostly college and grad students. “We look for clear communicators and responsible team players,” Katy says of her employees, who get monthly training in safety and skill development. Kendall, the oldest of Katy’s four children, is a staff member, while younger daughter and Black Diamond alum Elise competes in track and field as an Auburn Tiger. “We specialize in presenting each student with appropriate challenges and a success-oriented learning environment,” Katy emphasizes.

Reflecting on 26 years in Park City, Katy says, “This is a special place where the community values local small businesses. We are so grateful for the amazing support we have received.”

It’s fair to say thousands of PC families feel the same way about Katy and Black Diamond!