A 35-year PC resident and successful local realtor, Deb calls Park City “a magical place. With so many people doing good things, there is an opportunity for anyone who wants to improve our community.”

A regular visitor from SoCal prior to moving here after the birth of her two children, Deb says, “I was determined not to raise them there, in a sea of humanity with no personality or sense of community. The mountains called to me.”

With the children grown, Deb and her husband Doug have a bit more time to indulge in the PC lifestyle, “We hike, do lots of snowshoeing, and camp with our yellow Lab, Winnie,” she laughs. “We love to mountain bike, ski and paddle board, too.”

“Oh, and I box four mornings a week,” she laughs.

For all the good she has done for our community, it is Deb who says she feels fortunate. “If you are lucky enough to live in Park City,” she says, “You’re lucky enough!”