Carla BoecklinCarla Boecklin's Park City story starts in a hostel in Medellin, Columbia, where she met Victor, now her husband and partner in their photography business, "I'll never forget our first conversation. It lasted for hours," she recalls." I wrote in my journal, 'I've either met my husband or my best friend -- hopefully both."

Three days later, they eloped.

Russian-born Victor considered Utah home, but the couple was new to Park City when they arrived shortly after marrying 11 years ago. For Carla, it was a revelation; "A small town with some razzle-dazzle," she remembers. A friendly one, too. "We came here without knowing a soul, but today, we wave to neighbors and run into friends and clients everywhere."

From photographing weddings to anniversaries, Carla and Victor touch every aspect of community life. "Capturing the lives of local families is my favorite thing -- the most meaningful part of our work," Carla says. 

Today, Carla and Victor love "actual mountain life, where people snowmobile to their homes and do real deal snowshoeing, not on flattened snow. Backcountry skiing. Avalanches. It's all truly wild," Carla says.

"I'm touched by how eager people are to help each other," she notes of her fellow Parkites. "You lost your wallet in Round Valley? Your dog's run away? Need somewhere to park your camper for a month? Whether it's a fire emergency or family member passing on, people here step up."

Living in Park City carries a sense of perpetual renewal, Carla believes. "Being a Parkite is an ever-shifting concept," she says. "Even though I've been here for years, I still feel like a newbie in so many ways.

With keen eyes for what makes PC unique, Carla and Victor have found their passion and place, making stunning images of the PC adventure.