“We believe that our local ski resorts did an amazing job running their operations throughout the pandemic,” she adds. “Visitorship was high, and we were grateful Park City could give our guests the full ski, dining and shopping experience!”

“Be patient and stay positive,” Linda says when asked about her biggest 2020 takeaway. “Supporting employees during quarantines and through two positive cases was tough and we were often short-staffed. The merchandise supply chain was erratic. We worked harder than ever with our sales reps and suppliers to bring the goods in,” she remembers.

 “We appreciated the protocols and guidance from the state and county and we constantly communicated with our employees,” she said. “Our big message was always, ‘stay safe, stay patient and stay positive.’”

Dugins West Display

The challenging pandemic year with its sharply reduced travel, job losses and steep drop in spending helped Linda appreciate more than ever the interrelatedness of Main Street shops, hotels and resorts. “At our core, we are a tourist-based economy,” she states. “We count on and appreciate our visitors gravitating to Main Street. We appreciate all the hard work the travel and tourism industry do to support our local businesses. Happy and healthy visitors are the key to our success,” she said.

“The Power of Travel” to reconnect America is part of this year’s National Travel and Tourism Week theme. It resonates with Linda, who enjoys meeting people from all over. “We are always grateful when we get a few minutes to talk with our customers,” she said. “We love hearing about their hometowns, travel destinations, their outdoor adventure or ski day, and their full PC experience.”

After many years teaching in Park City,  the store is an excellent way for Linda to get back in touch with families she’s come to know over decades. “We love seeing our locals back on Main Street, too,” she said.

Dugins West Inside

Be patient and stay positive. That’s good advice at any time and coming from a couple with as much local business success as the Dugins, well worth heeding.

Ultimately though, Linda’s feeling is one of gratitude as the summer of 2021 approaches. She is grateful  that travel and tourism are proving their power to restore, rebuild and reconnect Park City and America.  “We would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to everyone, traveler and local alike,” she  said. “Thank you for making the trip to Park City, choosing our ski town, dining in our restaurants and shopping local here on historic Main Street. We appreciate you!’