"Both of my children were born small," Melissa reveals, "so I ensured they received the best nutrients from Day One. I made my own baby food, blending every fruit or vegetable I could find."

"Mashed parsnips may not have been their favorite," she laughs, "but I loved exposing them to variety."

"My husband and I bought a ski house about six years ago," she says of coming to PC. "But we are actually COVID transplants. I had assumed our business interests would keep us in DC, but after a few months of being 'stuck' in our vacation home, we realized it's possible to live, work and raise our children here."

“Parkites have many shared values, but there is still a lot of variety," she observes. "It keeps the community fresh and engaged."

Melissa’s dedication sees her blend her outside interests with her work. "My creative outlet is photography, and it's fun to take pictures of kids enjoying the programs," she smiles. "And I love substitute teaching at my kids' school!"

Volunteers are always welcome at EATS, especially for school cooking classes. Find out more today at EATSParkCity.org.