Coming to Park City in 2004 from Phoenix ("We missed seasons and trees," she laughs), Nancy found hospital work stimulating but was soon drawn to working with the elderly. "I learned that people need help but don't want to give up their independence and autonomy," she said. "Our elderly community is very proud."

After more training to become a Certified Care Manager, Nancy opened Emerald Care in 2015, naming it for the emerald pools at Zion National Park, her favorite hikes. "Plus, green and purple are my favorite colors," she adds.

Nancy loves that her life has no typical day. "How boring would that be?" she smiles. "I may be negotiating a return home from the hospital, managing medications and appointments, answering questions about Power of Attorney, or helping families adapt," she says, adding that empathy, humor, and a busy home life help take the edge off.

"Two daughters, three dogs, four cats (at last count), and a husband that fully supports my crazy schedule" add richness to her life. "Now, with summer coming, I am trying to figure out how to grow a tomato larger than a golf ball in my garden at 7,000 feet."

Growing and caring are two things Nancy does best, so we're betting this summer's tomatoes will be prize winners! Find out more at