After ten years at Virginia shelters and clinics, in 2014, Tori came to Utah, helping with her mom’s dog walking business. That blossomed into Fetch, a 24/7  kennel-free center of love and care. “I live full-time at Fetch and am the overnight caretaker. My living area has a king bed, but the dogs occupy most of it,” as well as couches and dog beds, she laughs. “I love watching them learn and grow together.”

She also loves how dogs eagerly await the Fetch home pickup service and bound joyously off the bus upon arrival. “We’ve created a special place dogs love, feel at home and can socialize safely,” Tori says. “Tony even retired from ski patrol and wildfire fighting to help.”

Their love for dogs led the Saylors to create Fetch Cares, a nonprofit rescue and hospice for dogs with disabilities, medical needs and seniors. “I’m building a little house for our senior chihuahua, Tink, who is blind. She can curl up and sleep now without worrying about another dog sitting on top of her accidentally,” Tori smiles.

“Seeing our dogs so happy is one of my favorite things. It can be exhausting, but it’s worth it,” Tori muses. “They always make me smile and feel loved.”