Ghigau is the Cherokee honorific meaning "beloved woman" or "war woman." With African America and Native American ancestry,  Jenn says, "I am motivated by the women before me who fought to allow African-American women and Native American women to succeed," she says. "They never gave up, and neither will I."

Jenn's PC journey began 20 years ago, moving from Ogden. "It's been an amazing adventure!" she smiles. "The trails, the events, the nightlife, the community, the smell of wood burning in winter. What I love most is the increased diversity, seeing more people of color."

High-energy Jenn is in the field early "and answering 100 calls, 100 emails, and 100 texts." By 7 p.m., though, the electronics are off, and it's time to chill. "I love to be in silence with the trees and walk with my dogs or my boyfriend, listening to the wind." She often remembers her grandfather in quiet times, reflecting on how "his kindness, gratitude, and loving nature" shaped her character. "I named my first son after him." When he died, she says, "I promised him that I will continue to try to change the world and be a better person every day."

Jenn's positive and forthright spirit brightens the Chamber and Park City every day! Find out more about Jenn at