Professional Headshot of Aldy MillikenHis passion for photography has lured him to locations worldwide, “but I am not an artist,” Aldy Milliken says.

The Director of the Kimball Arts Center believes artists are in a class of their own. “Having once been an artist makes me better at my job, but today I am a curator, storyteller and enabler rather than an artist.”

Art has always resonated with Aldy. He carries a photo he took in 1987 of The Tunnels, Nancy Holt’s celestially informed exhibit in the desert west of the Bonneville Salt Flats, a work that moved him so profoundly he drove from Oregon to see it. “The language of art in Utah is important to me,” he avers.

Aldy and his spouse Gretchen relocated from Louisville less than two years ago. “There is still much to learn,” Aldy smiles. “Parkites are passionate about change, and development of the Arts Center fits with that passion.”

With their two children in college out of state, Aldy and Gretchen now find time for skiing and mountain biking. “But my real hobbies are visiting art museums and artists,” Aldy admits. “So that’s what I do when we travel.”

A devotion to travel informs Aldy’s artistic sensibilities. “I lived in Indonesia for three years,” he recalls. “People are often outdoors, and the sounds of conversation and laughter, the smell of food, and the amazing music seeping into the streets gave the experience an unforgettable vibrancy.”

Diving into PC’s vibrant civic life, Andy is enrolled in Leadership Park City and serves on the Board of the Chamber/Bureau. “I like the challenge of change Park City is experiencing now.”

Aldy is also bringing his sense of change and challenge to the KAC, and we think you will like what you see. Learn more at