After studying the language at an Italian university, Matt followed his family to Utah. "I bought Canyons season passes at UVU and got hooked on snowboarding," he recalls. “I bugged the manager at the Grand Summit until I got a job as a bellman. That was in 2005." Now, Park City feels like Cheers, "where everybody knows my name," he laughs.

"People picture hammers and chisels as hard to use, but they gasp at what a single motion can do," Matt says of helping customers craft lifetime keepsakes. "People see me on the street and say, 'I still have what I created, and I love it.’ When I help people create with their own hands, I rediscover why I love stone carving."

Now, businesses are discovering carving as a new team project idea. "A group of leaders recently created their business name in marble," he enthuses. "They will have it forever, along with their memory of making it themselves."

Matt refreshes language and inspiration with regular jaunts to Italy. "Speaking Italian is magical, and if I am not carving, I feel I've lost a part of myself,’ he concludes. “This is my calling. Stone found me."