After landing in Park City from northeastern Ohio just before the 2000 Olympics, the mountain lover and avid snowboarder says, “My parents were certain they would never see me again!” When she started Mountain Vista in 2003, Alisha began appreciating the lessons of her arduous Midwest farm life. “It did not come easy,” she recalls of building a business. “It required sacrifice, grit, and faith in following my gut. I learned to be thankful that working hard to get what I want and being independent were instilled in me. I didn’t give up when things got tough.”

Today, this successful outdoorsy person with an outdoor job has one solution to filling free time meaningfully. More outdoors time! “Long-distance running and pushing myself up the peaks in the Cottonwoods” are on her list of activities. “Plus desert rambling in our camper van with my husband and our pup, Penguin.”

“But my main hobby is moving,” she emphasizes. “Things make sense to me when I am in motion.”

She concludes, “People tell me I’m lucky to be living the lifestyle I want. But I say never rely on luck.  Focus on making good choices.”

We’re glad Alisha’s choices include Park City and running one of our most enjoyable tour services.  Check out her range of adventures for locals and visitors at