Autumn and the spring find Trent in Costa Rica, but winters bring him right back. “The winter days start at the MARC where I work as a personal trainer, and usually progress to the ski hill,” he says.

A devoted surfer in the 2000s, Trent was introduced to paddleboard by local SUP icons Bob and Betsy Risner. “I was immediately hooked,” he recalls, and was soon competing. “My favorite race was the Battle of the Paddle at Waikiki, where I got to line up next to (surfing legend) Gerry Lopez.”

Growing up in rural Provo Canyon, Trent’s outdoorsy childhood left memories of “running around Sundance and the Provo River,” he smiles. He and his wife Karla give their kids plenty of outdoor time today, “skiing, snowboarding, skateboards and mountain biking.”

“Costa Rica will always be my go-to,” he enthuses. “But I think it would be cool to paddle the canals in Venice or Amsterdam one day.”

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