“We arrived in June,” he said. “My wife and I didn’t know a soul, and our first day, it snowed, so there was a little second guessing! But within a year, we were at home.” That’s when Peter remembered jute. “I was reading about plastic bags destroying our ecosystem, and it hit me,” he recalls.

He started Stardust Sustainables selling “a garage full of jute bags” locally. Soon requests poured in from around the West, and today, “we are the number one producer of reusable/biodegradable bags in the country,” he says.

PC’s lifestyle helps Peter “set my soul free,” as Joni wrote. “Every day includes tennis, pickleball, swimming, skiing, or biking,” he says, all while loving his business life. “It’s like a board game to me,“ he laughs. ”Fun, exciting and social, so it never feels like work.” 

Like many of the Woodstock generation, Peter loves learning and growing. “I’ve started playing the sax,” he says, “the most challenging and enjoyable thing I’ve done in a long time.”

We love knowing Peter keeps life joyful while doing good for the planet – doing his part to get us all “back to the garden.”