Joseph SaladygaIf the Red Sox had beaten the Yankees in the 1999 AL Championship Series, Park City’s amazing Savoury Kitchen might not be here, and chef Joseph Saladyga might be in Colorado instead of right here, supporting PC’s young people, wounded warriors, a greener environment – and local baseball.

“I fell in love with mountain snow and landed in Breckenridge,” says the Massachusetts native, whose friends call him ‘Salad.’   “After losing the Red Sox vs. Yankees bet to my uncle, I came to PC to buy him a beer. I applied with Park City Mountain, and 21 years later, here we are.”

Joe opened Savoury Kitchen in 2009. “I wanted to use local products, offer great cuisine, help the community and be green,” he says.

Today, Joe is 4 for 4. He processes locally-purchased products onsite, and Savoury Kitchen’s seven-course dinners are PC favorites. His sustainable practices earned Recycle Utah’s 2019 Green Business of the Year Award. In addition, he supports the Youth Sports Alliance, Live Like Sam, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. “We moved to Park City, not the other way around,” he notes. “We have to respect that.”

“I started playing with knives and fire at the age of 12,” Joseph jokes about his passion for the kitchen. “I still have clients I cooked for before I opened SK, so I feel the town is still small.”

Joe’s active, purposeful life includes big helpings of fun, “because that is what PC is about,” he laughs. “We live in paradise. So why wouldn’t you have fun?”

We know you will love Savoury Kitchen, too, located at the foot of Park City Mountain on Shadow Ridge Road. Though if you’re a Yankees fan, you may want to keep it on the down-low!