After culinary school in Denver, Adam was back in the mountains, settling in PC for the winters, “but I soon fell in love with the summer music scene,” he remembers, “Also the hiking, the Uinta Mountains, the desert to the south, and the mix of people.”

Parkites got to know Adam’s creations during his ten years at the 412 Bistro on Main, where long-time PC restaurateur Steve McComb taught him “what was important in becoming a business leader and owner myself.” 

He also met Meisha. Married in 2015, the couple is raising two children while business partner Meisha handles PR at the Kimball Arts Center. “Our kids love exploring new foods,” Adam says. “Our oldest loves the octopus.”

After 15 years in PC, Adam and Meisha’s gratitude for how Parkites support each other continues to grow. “It is not lost on us that our success is partially because of that support, especially initially,” Adam says with conviction.

As summer peaks, Adam enjoys “adapting to the seasons in the kitchen” but finds time for blending family and the outdoors, “camping, traveling, attending concerts and backcountry exploring,” he smiles.

Your PC summer experience won’t be complete without a seasonal treat from one of PC’s most dedicated wholefood restauranteurs. Learn more about how Adam does it at